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Often Asked Questions

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Why do your costumes cost so much?  these suits are custom made and are not cheap halloween costumes. eac suit we make is a one of a kind origianl made for the buyer or wearer.

What is the difference in your costumes compared to others advertised on the web? well there is so called BETTER costumes out there such as the great BnK and others which make the TOP OF THE LINE costumes. BUT these suits often run into the thousands of dollars! we simply make an affordable STAGE costume. which under normal stage conditions looks and presents to be a stage quality suit to your audience.

How do I order a costume?  please see the "ordering" link in the navigation bar for help on doing this or contact us at

How do I pay for my costume?  we require a 50% deposit to order studs materials etc. the balance can be paid before shipment by your own arrangements. but the costume must be paid for in full before shipment.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?  please see a detailed description of this on our return policy page in the navigation bar.

If I keep my costume fitting for more than a week, will I still get my suit on time? no our wok is completed as suits are arrived. this may prolong the studding or design work on the suit.

Can I come in for my measurements and/or the fitting? we no longer offer "in house" measuring or customer service department. we are simply to busy to personally meet with each and every customer. our work and shop time would greatly suffer.

I am in a rush. Can I get my costume fast? only if buying a "stock" suit or if special arrangements are made pror to ordering.

What if I pay extra to get it faster? prior arrangements must be made.

Why does it take so long to get a costume from you?  most of the time it is our workload. trying to complete an average of 20-25 costumes at one time. other cases is the fact of the time it takes to produce these costumes some take as much as 80 hours of machine time to stud or embroirder. this process can not be sped up in any way.

Can I buy a blank costume from you so that I can put the designs on it myself--is this possible?  SURE! we are glad to help you with this anytime you need.

Will you sell me patterns to make my own costume?  YES !!! But these patterns has taken many years to pefect and sewing instructions are not included. (but known by any good seamstress) Patterns average at 300-350.00

Will you sell me the studs and stones to make my own costume?  YES!! but please allow for the items to be drop shipped directly from the manufacure. 4-6 weeks unless in stock.

Will you tell me where you get your studs and stones from?  NO!

I bought a costume from one of your competitors. It seems to always give me problems. Can you please repair it for me, as it tends to be falling apart?  we will be glad to look it over and give you a quote before any work is done. we have to do alot of this.

I have a blank costume--will you design it for me?  YES! send it in for a quote.

I have been trying to call you all day, but you haven't been answering your phone. Are you on vacation, or are you avoiding my calls?  We spend a majority of our time working in the shop if we answered 100 calls a day sometimes even more we wouldnt be able to sew and produce our costumes this would drasticly slow down our production. BUT we do try to answer emails as quickly as possible during work breaks etc.                     

What type of fabric do you make your costumes out of?  it all depends on suit ordered and design work going on the suit. not all suits are the same on fabric choices.

Was this the type of fabric Elvis' costumes were made from?  Italian Wool Gaberdine and has not been availiable to us for several years.

What was the color of the suit Elvis wore when he met Nixon, and did it have a cape?  it was a Black jacket (same jacket wore in the 68 Comeback Lounge scene and NO cape was ever wore this consumption was made when the HBO Movie was released "Elvis meets Nixon" this was fabricated. this Information can be found in the book "Elvis Threads" avail. from

I got this costume from you a year ago, and the studs are almost black--why?  like any custom garmet you must take extreme care with these suits do not store them in a garmet back right after a show while they are still sweat soaked the salt deposits from your body will tarnish the solid brass studs.