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Cleaning Your Suit

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Hand-wash in cold water.  Fill tub about 5" with cold water.  Add a little Woolite and stir to blend.  Place suit in cold water and gently swish around.  After suit is thoroughly submerged, rub any spots or stains with a bar of Ivory Soap.  Turn suit over and repeat for other side (approximately 2-3 minutes per side.)  Drain water from tub and refill with clean cold water to rinse suit.  Drain tub and carefully remove suit from tub.  Place suit on large white towels.  Pat dry on both sides then hang up and let suit drip-dry with fan blowing on it to speed drying.  Carefully press over creases with a steam iron or use steamer to remove wrinkles.  Stones and some studs have been hot glued to help insure that they won't come off.  Use caution when ironing not to get too close to stones or studs!